Neutral Posture Launches First Series In Their New Jhane Barnes Fabric Collectio

Neutral Posture, Inc. a contract-seating and computer accessory manufacturer headed by Rebecca Boenigk, CEO in conjunction with Jhane Barnes Textiles is launching a new fabric collection entitled Mathematical Inspirations.

"As the CEO of the only woman owned seating manufacturer, I was thrilled to partner with the only woman owned textile company" says Boenigk, "Jhane Barnes' designs will offer a new look for our products and have instant appeal with the A&D community. We are proud of our partnership and we look forward to working with Jhane on more projects in the future."

Mazing Squares Cloud 9™ is the first series of the collection and is a design of various sized rectangles, arranged on a grid, with the rectangle size controlled mathematically. Barnes is able to do this through her exclusive custom written design software.

"Neutral Posture asked me to create designs for a special knit fabric that would be specifically engineered to fit their seating" says Barnes, "I developed the first of two designs that exploit the advantages of the special knitting equipment. I used my custom mathematical software to create very large repeats of small elements making ‘patterns within a pattern'."

Cloud 9™ fabric provides a more comfortable and ergonomic fabric selection and utilizes an environmentally responsible "no-waste" manufacturing part process in production. This three-dimensional knitting process is revolutionary in the upholstery business and it enables the production of a fully shaped chair cover incorporating predetermined patterns in a single stage yarn-to-product process. Using sophisticated computer-aided techniques, the 3D knitted fabrics are designed to follow curves and contours of the chair cushions, ensuring a smooth, comfortable fit.

The Mazing Squares Cloud 9™ Series of the Jhane Barnes Collection for Neutral Posture will be shown for the first time at NeoCon 2007 in the Neutral Posture showroom 10-153 in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago June 11th through the 13th.