SBA Final Ruling establishes a 5% Set-aside for WOSB Vendors

The new Women Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has issued the Final Rule to amend its regulations governing small business contracting procedures. The SBA has increased the emphasis and awareness of contracting mandates regarding Woman Owned Small Businesses (WOSB), similar to those already in place for 8a, SDV and HUB Zones businesses.

Neutral Posture has a packaged office contract that includes many great manufacturing partners. We are also willing to team with other manufacturers to help support our GSA Dealers.

Considering how much business the Government is doing, and how this new ruling puts Neutral Posture (WOSB Manufacturer) and our Packaged Office Partners on the right side of the mandate, there has never been a better time for our GSA Dealers and pursue GSA business. Talk to Neutral Posture for more insights into this awesome opportunity.

All GSA Dealers should read the complete SBA ruling, or for a summary visit our WOSB page.