Get ONGO®: Incorporate Maximum Movement into Everyday Office Life

BRYAN, TEXAS, December 20, 2012 — Modern living means mobility, change, and acceleration. Everything around us is in motion. The only thing that stays in place is us - and increasingly, our society is becoming a seated one. If we do not move our bodies, we lose muscle tone, our posture deteriorates, and we tend to lose spirit and motivation.

Much of modern life takes place in a seated position - although the human body is designed for movement. Introduced at NeoCon 2012 in Chicago by U.S. based manufacturer, certified diversity supplier, and Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), Neutral Posture, the ONGO® strikes a balance between these apparently conflicting needs. Naturally, you can sit on it. But you can also move on it. Its curved base responds to any shift in weight, activating the body's musculature and the ball track gives acoustic feedback on every movement. When you hear the ball humming along the track, you know you're moving in the right direction.

With the ONGO®, you can incorporate the maximum amount of motion into everyday office life. With respect to design, material, and ergonomics, the ONGO® has been developed to allow active sitting to be integrated effortlessly into daily life.

ONGO®'s innovative features and timeless design mean that it is perfectly placed anywhere: at home, the office, in medical offices, studios, and public spaces. It is available in a variety of bases, adjusted heights and colors for seat cover. Timeless design, outstanding craftsmanship, and high-quality materials are the hallmarks of everything ONGO®.