Neutral Posture's Seating Just Got Cooler

Bryan, TX, November 28, 2012 — Neutral Posture, Inc., a Woman Owned Small Business manufacturer of seating based in Texas, has just added TheraGel™ memory foam as an option on its seating line.

TheraGel™ memory foam, made by Carpenter Co., is beaded visco-elastic foam that provides the perfect combination of responsive temperature, smart foam and microgel beads for superior support and pressure relief. Its beads are thermoplastic polymer technology that helps in absorbing heat, thus allowing more air flow for cooler comfort.

Foam normally acts as an insulator trapping the heat from the body and storing it in the foam. TheraGel™ memory foam provides cooler, dryer, more comfortable foam that allows the heat and humidity produced by the body to pass quickly through the material and comfortably away from the skin, thus lowering the body's skin temperature by as much as 5°.

TheraGel™ also helps reduce pressure on sensitive body points and provides more support and comfort to the user through its ability to self adjust to body's individual contours. The capability of the foam to reduce pressure on the body can help with blood circulation and provides a more healthful seated experience.

Neutral Posture CEO Rebecca Boenigk stated, "We are so excited we are able to offer TheraGel™ as an option for our customers. The technology used to create a foam that adjusts to the seated user's body temperature is so advanced and incredibly innovative. This is just one more way Neutral Posture can provide a cool, comforting solution to our customers needs."