Adjustable Mesh Back Makes Seating an U4ia®

BRYAN, TEXAS, — U.S. based manufacturer, Certified Diversity Supplier, and Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), Neutral Posture, has long been a leader in innovation in ergonomics, and their task chair series, the U4ia®, proves that they are still at it today. The U4ia® features six active adjustments and is fully functional with the choice of two contoured seat designs, two backs, and two mechanisms all with a seat slider option. The U4ia® gives the user the feeling of support and comfort. This unbelievable task chair works well with any body type and in any setting. The multiple functions and adjustments make the U4ia® the perfect fit to any office space.

The U4ia® adds to Neutral Posture's commitment to high quality and durable seating. This task chair goes back to basics with its sleek design and optimal comfort. The perfect complement to any office space, the U4ia® gives designers a stylish and comfortable seating option. The U4ia® fits right in with the high quality products leaving the Neutral Posture Factory.

What make the U4ia® different from the other task chairs on the market are its three distinct back options. Designers have the ability choose from a mesh back, upholstered back or a patented removable sleeve. The multiple back options on the U4ia® allow for a unique, customizable design providing Designers the ability to perfectly match each user's needs. The flexibility of the U4ia® is endless and makes it the right choice for any office space.

The U4ia® was officially introduced this summer at NeoCon in Chicago, IL.