Neutral Posture Receives Grand Prize and Merit in Product Innovations Awards

BRYAN, TEXAS, — Neutral Posture, has received the Grand Prize in Buildings magazine's 18th annual Product Innovation Awards in the technology category for their Connexion™ Arm while also receiving the Merit award for the ONGO™ in the seating options category. The award highlights products that enhance the performance, aesthetics, efficiency and sustainability of commercial buildings.

The Connexion™ Arm makes it easier to use today's technology tools by themselves or alongside other devices, while sitting or standing, all without sacrificing ergonomics. The arm eliminates awkward postures helping to reduce injuries caused by tablets, laptops, etc. and has been engineered for its ease of use. The Connexion™ Arm is completely adjustable similar to a monitor arm. It is mounted on either the left side, right side or one on each side of a chair. The user can adjust the height of the tablet, the distance from the tablet, as well as position the tablet vertically or horizontally. It is the first truly ergonomic solution to the use of tablet technology in the workplace. Technology should not dictate your working position and your chair should support your technology needs.

"We are so excited to introduce the Connexion Arm to the market. Receiving the grand prize in the Buildings Product Innovations Awards supports our excitement about it and its value to commercial building applications," Rebecca Boenigk, CEO of Neutral Posture noted. "And receiving the Merit award for our ONGO is icing on the cake!"

Much of modern life takes place in a seated position - although the human body is designed for movement. ONGO® strikes a balance between these apparently conflicting needs. The ONGO® has been developed to allow active sitting to be integrated effortlessly into daily life. The curved base demands that we practice conscious, active sitting while promoting improved posture, physical activity and integrate movement into seated positions. It's the first seat to have a ball track built into the base providing instant feedback on every movement and change. ONGO®'s innovative features and timeless design mean that it's perfectly placed anywhere: at home, the office, in medical offices, studios, and public spaces. It's a combination between an ergonomic stool and design furniture.