Neutral Posture Wins Big at NeoCon 2013

Guardian Chair

Guardian™ Wins Best of NeoCon Gold

The Guardian™ brought home Gold at this year's Best of NeoCon competition. This unique, US Patent Pending, product disguises itself as a regular looking office chair. However, in an active shooting situation the vest portion can be quickly removed and worn as an NIJ Level II compliant bullet resistant vest.

Guardian Removal Guardian Removal

Connexion Arm

Connexion™ Arm Wins Grand Prize in Product Innovations Awards

The Connexion™ Arm received the Grand Prize in Buildings magazine's 18th Annual Product Innovation Awards in the technology category. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and changing the way we work. Unfortunately this has caused new concerns when it comes to ergonomics in the workplace. How can we take advantage of these new devices without putting ourselves at risk of future injuries? The answer is simple. Take the devices out of your hands. That is exactly what we did when we developed the Connexion™ Arm. We took the devices out of your hands and supported them on an articulating arm that is connected directly to your chair. Yet it's flexible enough to allow you to position your device where it's comfortable for you. This unique system eliminates the stresses to your body caused by holding these new devices in your hands. Don't let technology dictate your posture.


ONGO® Receives Merit Award in Product Innovations Competition

The ONGO® received the Product Innovation Merit Award in seating options. Although the human body is designed for movement, much of modern life takes place in a seated position. The ONGO® strikes a balance between these apparently conflicting needs. It was developed to allow active sitting to be integrated effortlessly into daily life. The curved base demands that we practice conscious, active sitting while promoting improved posture, physical activity and integrate movement into seated positions. It's the first seat to have a ball track built into the base providing instant feedback on every movement and change. ONGO®'s innovative features and timeless design mean that it's perfectly placed anywhere: at home, the office, in medical offices, studios, and public spaces. It's a combination between an ergonomic stool and design furniture.