Neutral Posture Wins 5th consecutive NECE Attendees‚ Choice Award

Neutral Posture, the leading provider of ergonomic office solutions, is pleased to announce that its newest innovation, the N·tune™ Seating System, has earned the company its 5th consecutive Attendees' Choice Award at the 2007 National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition (NECE) in Las Vegas. Neutral Posture's N·tune™ Seating System has earned this distinctive honor by providing a realistic solution to the challenges of implementing the recommended Stand/Sit™ office environment.

"Rather than standing up to take a break from sitting," says Dr. Mark Benden, Ergonomist and Executive VP for Neutral Posture, "we say, let sitting be the break from standing."

This idea posed the question, "why bias computer stations toward only sitting when there are so many benefits to mixing your day up with sitting and standing?" Research has clearly proven that too much of either can be detrimental to employees' health and well-being. Unfortunately, computer advancements have left us so sedentary and tied to our desks that we must work at finding ways to provide our bodies the movement that they desire to keep us healthy and vibrant.

Benden developed the N·tune™ Seating System with a team of Neutral Posture engineers and ergonomists to integrate the chair/stool design with the storage and layout potential of systems furniture for the home or office. The N·tune™ Seating System includes patented components like the N·step™ and the N·position™ that can be used with any system furniture capable of being set up at standing height. The Ntune™ concept is all about raising desk heights from 30" up to 40" and then raising the chair, to stool height, allowing users to easily and freely stand up to work when needed. It's really that simple, but for some, the idea is still very radical. For others, who are ready to depart from the workplace "norm" however, and become "in tune" with what our bodies need, there are benefits to be had.

At the 2007 NECE in Las Vegas, attendees cast their votes for new products that they thought offered the best opportunity to increase productivity while improving workplace health and safety. NECE brings together ergonomic professionals and those who are interested in establishing ergonomic programs and protecting employees' health and safety. Attendees are always looking for improved products and innovative ergonomic solutions, and Neutral Posture is once again meeting their needs. This award is not only prestigious, but rewarding because it is voted on by ergonomic professionals and industry peers.