Neutral Posture Acquires Equity® Product Line

Neutral Posture Equity Announcement

BRYAN, Texas— December 23, 2014— Neutral Posture, Inc. today announced it has acquired the Equity product line from Knoll, Inc. Equity, originally designed and manufactured by Knoll, is transitioning to become a Neutral Posture manufactured product.

Equity delivers utilitarian space-savings with centerline planning and sleek hexagonal 120-degree configurations. A leader in environmental design, Equity provides the value-driven sustainability, durability and ease of reconfiguration users expect from high-performance systems furniture.

Neutral Posture announced at NeoCon 2014 its intentions of expanding into the systems furniture business. With over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of seating, Neutral Posture intends to expand its manufacturing expertise to furniture systems by producing the Equity line, maintaining the level of excellence Knoll customers have come to expect. Regarding the acquisition, Rebecca Boenigk, CEO of Neutral Posture said, "The addition of the Equity product line is a transformational step forward in realizing our strategy for diversified growth and establishing Neutral Posture as the leading woman owned furniture manufacturer. This combination expands our reach in the commercial furniture sector and we have identified multiple points of strategic leverage that will benefit our seating and ergonomic markets and operations." Boenigk continued, "In addition to enhancing Neutral Posture's brand visibility, we gain access to Equity's exclusive product portfolio and decades of legacy customers. This offers further benefit to our commercial workplace market and beyond. We believe this acquisition dramatically advances our strategic interests and benefits our customers and our business partners."

"I am excited by Neutral Posture's decision and look forward to the support they can provide to new and existing Equity customers," said Enrico Colzani, Vice President, Product Strategy for Knoll.

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