Neutral Posture CEO Named Enterprising Woman of the Year

It shouldn't have been a surprise. After all, ergonomic chair diva, Rebecca Boenigk, has already received enough awards to fill several trophy cases to capacity. But Boenigk, CEO of the world's only certified, woman-owned chair manufacturer, says winning the Enterprising Woman of the Year award is an honor that "came out of the blue".

Boenigk was honored at a special reception in May, at the top of the Mutual of America building in New York in recognition of her outstanding work as a woman's business enterprise (WBE). Boenigk, and her company, Neutral Posture, received the award from Enterprising Women magazine. She is featured, along with four other winners, on the front cover of the Summer 2004 issue of the magazine, which contains a profile of Boenigk and her innovative ergonomic chair manufacturing company. Boenigk's ultra-ergonomic products are familiar fixtures in business facilities across North America, and are manufactured in both Texas and Canada.

Boenigk received the award for her work in promoting WBEs, through both Neutral Posture, and through her work with organizations like the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP), a national political action committee that promotes women-in-business issues to the U.S. Congress. Boenigk has testified before congressional committees and subcommittees, helping to pass key legislation last year to prohibit Federal Prison Industries (FPI) from unfairly taking business away from domestic furniture manufacturers on government bids.

"When I think of what an 'enterprising' person actually is, this award overwhelms me," Boenigk says. "But I guess if it means we're innovative, I can accept that, since one of our goals is to figure out new ways of doing things, whether that involves new manufacturing methods, new products to improve workplace health and performance, or novel ways to help women's business enterprises succeed."

The magazine selected Boenigk for her work in furthering public policy concerning WBEs, and for her efforts to mentor other women. The award criteria also examined Boenigk's community involvement, and the ways in which the company supports community efforts. Neutral Posture gives both cash and product to numerous community groups across the country, especially in the Research Valley area of Texas where the company is based.