NECE 2004 Attendees Speak Up For The StandUp™

Set to debut in 2005, the StandUp™ is already making a name for itself as a promising ergonomic innovation that truly is one of a kind. The Neutral Posture StandUp™ has won an Attendees' Choice Award at the 2004 National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas, making this the second year in a row Neutral Posture has received this distinction.

In 2003, Neutral Posture's AbStool™ was honored for its innovativeness and contribution to workplace health with a backrest that easily swivels around to become an AbRest™ to provide support for forward-leaning tasks in laboratory, medical, dental, engineering, industrial and electronic assembly environments.

The newest innovation in ergonomics, invented by Mark Benden, a Certified Professional Ergonomist and Executive Vice President at Neutral Posture, Inc., the StandUp™ (patent pending) is a compact, yet strong and affordable product that provides all the benefits of a sit/stand adjustable workstation but at a fraction of the cost.

The StandUp™ is designed to accommodate the 5th to 95th percentile so everybody small to tall can enjoy the benefits of a sit/stand workstation. Research has shown that employees will stand for about one-fourth of the workday if given the option, and this meant that employees who typed while standing would compromise their wrist posture as work surfaces did not adjust high enough to support a neutral wrist position. The innovative StandUp™ has changed that.

From a compact height of approximately one inch, the StandUp™ expands to a height of 12 inches with a scissor lift mechanism activated by the pull of a knob. The StandUp™ retrofits to any keyboard tray and arm adding 12 inches of adjustability to any workstation.

According to Benden, standing allows for increased respiration and reaction alertness and allows the employee greater mobility. Sit/stand adjustability promotes beneficial postural changes, which improves comfort ratings, decreases work-related injuries/illnesses and increases employee productivity. This means improved health for employees and the company as a whole.

Benden also points to the low cost of the StandUp™ as a user benefit. "We believe the low price point will cause this product to take off, because there is a relatively low cost for such an incredible ergonomic benefit."

At the 2004 NECE in Las Vegas, attendees cast their votes for new products that they thought offered the best opportunity to increase productivity while improving workplace health and safety. The NECE brings together ergonomic professionals and those who are interested in establishing ergonomics programs and protecting employees' health and safety. Attendees are always looking for improved products and innovative ergonomic solutions, and Neutral Posture is meeting their needs.