StandUp™ Claims 2005 ADEX Award

Functional design is a science, and Neutral Posture has it down to an art. All Neutral Posture products are designed with purpose and are recognized for their design and innovativeness. Neutral Posture's newest product, the StandUp™ has been honored as a platinum award recipient of a 2005 ADEX Award from Design Journal, the international trade publication for interior designers, architects and facility managers.

ADEX Awards were first granted in 1994 and continue to annually recognize superior product design of furnishings and building materials marketed to the design trade. The awards are given at three levels - platinum, gold and silver. Each January, the interior design/architecture and furnishings industries turn their attention to the ADEX Awards and eagerly await the announcement of which products have been recognized for superior design and innovation.

For 2004, after 10 years of ADEX Awards, submissions were made from close to 500 companies for thousands of innovative new products. Neutral Posture has proven itself with functional designs that are worthy of recognition. The StandUp™ (patent pending) is a one-of-a-kind product designed by Neutral Posture Executive Vice President Mark Benden and is a compact device that attaches to existing keyboard trays and arms and expands to a height of 12 inches, bringing sit/stand adjustability to any workstation.

"Several factors make the StandUp™ a product that's truly unique," says Benden. "It's lightweight, covers a tremendous height range to accommodate many different sizes and shapes of seated workers, and retrofits to almost all existing keyboard trays."

According to Benden, the main benefits of the StandUp™ result from the fact that it:

  • Increases blood flow to the extremities by allowing the body to change positions.
  • Allows a seated user to stand up for a portion of their day.
  • Quickly adjusts from seated to standing with one simple lever.
  • Still allows for the same angular adjustment of the keyboard surface.
  • Motivates employees by demonstrating an obvious investment in their health and productivity.
  • Easily converts existing stations from sit to stand without expensive purchases or complete desk replacement.