Stand-capable Desk Use in a call Center
In a research project lead by the Ergonomics Center at Texas A&M University, researchers discovered that stand-biased workstations have a greater positive impact on employee health than both seated height and sit/stand height adjustable workstations. While height adjustable stations do have positive impact on employee health, employee use of said stations declines over time, thus limiting the effectiveness of this intervention type. Overall, stand-biased furniture greatly increased the productivity and revenue of the company of study.

Evaluation and Analysis of Buttock-Thigh Pressure (Cloud 9)
This fascinating new independent study has shown a significant reduction in seated pressure when using Neutral Posture® chairs as compared with some of the leading brands on the market today! Vos, Gordon, 2000. "Buttock-Thigh Pressure Measurement Results of Neutral Posture® Chair and Competitor Chairs" National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center in Ergonomics at Texas A&M University (NSF I/UCRC in Ergonomics at TAMU).

Wellness At Work
See the health benefits that can be achieved by using our N·Tune Workstations.
Prepared by the Texas A&M University Health Science Center
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World Bank Study (Word Document)
World Bank employees rated the Neutral Posture® chair highest in overall adjustability and comfort. World Bank Ergonomic Evaluation, HSD Study: Chair Evaluation by Staff with Back Pain. HSD August 7, 1995.

IRS Service Center Study by Marvin Dainoff Assoc.
The Cincinnati Service Center of the IRS reported a decrease in medical expenses, reduction in lost workdays, and reduction in training costs by using the Neutral Posture chair. Marvin Dainoff Associates, Final Report TIR-92-0074, Internal Revenue Service-Cincinnati Service Center, 1995.
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Cost Reduction Associated with NPE Chairs
This independent study by the State of Washington standardized on the Neutral Posture chair and found a 90% decrease in workers comp costs and a 60% injury reduction. Nelson, N.A. and Silverstein, B.A., "Workplace Changes Associated with a Reduction in Musculoskeletal Symptoms in Office Workers." Human Factors, Vol. 40, No. 2, 1998.

State of Washington Study
The State of Washington study summary published in the Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQB).

Design Considerations for Future Office
The increase in health issues for Americans due to the increase in computer use in the workplace. Ergonomic guidelines by Dr. Congleton for workstation set up. Design Considerations For Future Offices and Data Entry Workstations, Dr. Jerome J Congleton, PE, CPE October 1993.

Furniture Increasing Productivity
Suggestions from Dr. Jerome J. Congleton PE, CPE on workstation evaluation for call center applications. "Furniture: Increasing Productivity and Reducing the Bottom Line" Jerome J. Congleton PhD, PE, CPE, Telemarketing & Call Center Solutions September 1996.

Texas Lawyer Article
"In an office workstation, the goal is to encourage physical movement and posture changes." Dr. Jerome J. Congleton, PE, CPE on ergonomic guidelines and suggestions for designing a safe and comfortable office environment. "Ergonomic Design: The Office of the Future" Law Technology Product Update issue of Texas Lawyer. October 23, 1995.

Low Tech Low Cost Ergonomics
A study by UPS regarding the implementation of ergonomic solutions and ergonomic training for their employees. They found a reduction in lost workdays, increase in production, and overall cost reductions. Nerhood, H.L. and Rael, J., "Low Tech, Low Cost Approach to Office Ergonomics", Advances in Industrial Ergonomics and Safety VII, 1995.

Design and Evaluation of Neutral Posture Chairs for Surgeons
The original design and evaluation of the "neutral posture concept". This study proves a significant reduction or elimination of fatique by utilizing this innovative chair. Congleton, J.J. (1983) The Design and Evaluation of the Neutral Posture Chair. Doctoral Dissertation. Texas Tech University, Department of Industrial Engineering. Lubbock,TX.

Purdue Study
The Effectiveness of a University-Wide Office Ergonomics Program

A recently published study using Neutral Posture chairs shows the benefits of an ergonomic workplace. Purdue University’s Office Ergonomics Program demonstrates the self-sustainability of an Office Ergonomics Program by showing that equipment costs are eventually offset by a decrease in Workers’ Compensations claims paid and lost time from office-related injuries and illnesses.

Office Ergonomics
Practical solutions for a safer workplace. Prepared by WISHA Services Division Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Ergonomic Office Chairs are a Necessity Not a Luxury
As straightforward accounting of why ergonomics are important to individuals and companies, as well as basic guidelines on setting up your work area.