Letter from Jim Bligh
Coordinator Women/Minority Owned Contract Program United Parcel Service (UPS)

Corporate end user from LA, CA:
Work site just got your products, as someone with an artificial hip and severe osteo-arthritis, your product is a true blessing.

Corporate end user from Chicago, IL:
We were buying a B&T chair from another manufacturer and were highly dissatisfied with the customer support we receive from that factory. NP customer service is outstanding.

Corporate end user from Puerto Rico:
The test chair sent by NP last June has been under intensive use, and the chair is working according to their expectations plus, all the operators inform that the chair is comfortable and the back is better than the chair we have been using. We recommend purchasing NP's chair, I would like to thank all personnel from NP and our dealer involved in this project.

Retail customer from CA:
Thanks a million for the wonderful chair. I have always been sold on custom fits, but I did not realize that a seat pan can make that much of a difference. Now I can work for hours and I do not have to get up and move around like I used to. The C9 fabric is unbeatable. Again, thanks!

Retail customer from NY:
The quality of service determines with whom I do business. Consequently, there is no question in my mind that Neutral Posture Ergonomics, Inc. is very fortunate to have you as a member of its customer service team...I have found your service to be truly superlative!

Physical Therapist:
This little girl at 10 years old and having had 19 surgeries was in need of some good news. NP built and donated a special chair for this girl, and it was a great fit. She is really enjoying the benefits of comfortable seating. Thanks to all of your efforts, we were able to act on opportunities to help people in need.