Rebecca Boenigk Featured in New York Times Article

Rebecca Boenigk

On March 2, 2016, the New York Times released a story featuring Neutral Postures CEO and founder Rebecca Boenigk. The article focuses on the 20-year battle women owned small businesses have had to fight to make government contracting more fair and attainable while competing with other businesses. In the past statistics show that women owned businesses are 21 percent less likely to win government contracts than other similar companies. To try and fix this, the government said they would give five percent of their business specifically to small women owned business. However, this number always fell short and there were no policies put in place to hold the government responsible.

This past fiscal year was the first year to see real improvement in the system with small women owned businesses starting to obtain the business they want and deserve. Women owned small businesses are greatly benefiting from the new government contracting rules as the business world is making the playing field even for all companies to compete.

Just this last year Boenigk was able to bring in $7 million in government contracting and hopes to double or possibly triple that number in the coming year. This is not just good for women owned small businesses around the nation, but good for the thousands of people and families these companies help support.

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