Neutral Posture Announces New Graded-in Upholstery Program

Neutral Posture, a women owned small business furniture manufacturer, is pleased to announce a new Graded-in upholstery program for seating and systems. The program includes graded- in upholsteries from ten of the top industry suppliers.

  • Carnegie Fabrics
  • Designtex
  • Guilford of Maine
  • KnollT extiles
  • Luna T extiles
  • Maharam
  • Mayer Fabrics
  • Momentum
  • Stinson (formerly CF Stinson)
  • Victor T extiles

Upholsteries are graded into the price list from grade 1-9 for seating and grade A-H for systems. Of course, Neutral Posture continues to offer carded programs with Momentum and various other suppliers as well as the COM program (Grade 1). This new Graded-in program is another step in embracing the design community and offering customers more choices in their specifying and purchasing experience. The program is part of Neutral Posture's new motto, "we've figured it out, so you don't have to." Rebecca Boenigk, CEO, commented saying "this is all part of our goal to make it easier to do business with Neutral Posture because we love our customers!"