Neutral Posture Community Outreach Policy

As an active member of society, Neutral Posture has a responsibility to act as a good corporate citizen. Neutral Posture may provide charitable donations of products, funding or services to non-profit organizations through its Community Outreach policy.

We know we can make the greatest impact on our community by supporting causes that are important to our employees and customers. Neutral Posture encourages employees to support programs that make a positive difference in their community through volunteer efforts. The program's overall objective is to support organizations and projects that provide support or assistance at both a local and national level. All outreach activities should be in line with Neutral Posture's core values of integrity, honesty, and diversity.

Every year, Neutral Posture supports charitable and community-focused organizations through both financial and product donations. Our objective is to focus our donations and continuously correlate them with our community outreach policy. You can learn about these activities on our website or through other news releases. Neutral Posture does not donate funds to political parties, causes or campaigns.

For 2020 we focused on the following charities and organizations:

  • The Bridge Ministries food bank and more
  • Steak Your Support benefitting Brazos alley Veterans
  • RMHC-CTX Starlight Affair benefitting Ronald McDonald House
  • Readby3rd
  • BV Symphony Orchestra Derby Day
  • Coach Blair Charities benefitting special Olympics and more
  • BCS CoC Lobsterfest benefitting local educational programs
  • TAMU State Employee Charitable Campaign