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Bryan business breaking the glass ceiling for women in manufacturing

From KAGS —
Author: Sara Wilson

BRYAN, Texas – In the year of 2022, more women are stepping into male dominated fields, working in manufacturer companies, becoming wielders, and more. At Neutral Posture Inc. in Bryan, women aren't just employees, they're leaders who are breaking the glass ceiling.

According to new president Kari Krueger, this is the year for women to demand equal pay and opportunities. Neutral Posture Inc. is a women-owned business manufacture and leader in ergonomics, the study of people's efficiency in a work environment. Neutral Posture Inc. designs work environment products such as cubicles, office chairs fitted to your back, desks, and more.

In Krueger's new role, she said she is thrilled to open the door for women to have pay equity within the company. Typically, she said most manufacturers employ only 30% of women.

"We are already opening doors and breaking down those glass ceilings," Krueger said. "At Neutral Posture, about 50% of our work force is female and 60% of our management team is female so we are not only women-owned but we are also women-run and that is absolutely fantastic especially in an industry that is so male dominated."

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